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We differentiate ourselves in one major way by creating our own content. Game reviews use our own in game capture or footage to deliver a real view of how the games or apps looks and plays. We also take great care in trying hardware and software thoroughly before and during the writing of our articles. We receive content from our community as well, and we recruited a few of them as writers for the blog, keeping a strong editorial line for submitted content.

about us

The Dream_Machine

Our unique headset expresses our own vision on the future of Virtual Reality. We believe it should be introduced into the everyday life as an expression of both technology and fashion. Differentiating ourselves from the generic headsets that are being sold under different names, we went all in with the help of an Italian designer to bring fashion and technology together.


Why Choose Us

Invest into quality


The headset was designed from scratch to allow complete creative freedom in both features and design that gives it an edge over our competitors.


Regrouping experts from key domains to create a unique product, the result is a professional headset merging high quality and adjustable optics, the design from a top Italian studio and the comfort for extended use.


Founding member composed of 3 experienced entrepreneurs and VR analysts, including a Startup Weekend winner. Our official partner is Tobia Repossi, a top notch Italian design company with 20 years experience and several design awards


Burning for VR and solely focussed on VR is the only option for producing a top tier HMD. Our mission is to influence the VR industry to bring better products that also fits in everyday life.

24/7 Support

We are customers ourselves and know how important customer support is, we here for you for any questions you may have.


Having taken a leader's role in the VR Community for several years, we see a bright future for the industry, it’s creator and the community for the future.

You are not dreaming

VR is growing rapidly
Revenue by 2020
Paying customers by 2018
VR-Headsets sold by 2025

How We Did It

Working together to achieve great results

Analysis & Planing

We took a look at the competitors and learned from their mistakes.

Design & Development

By working together with a network of specialists, including one of the best product design companies, we have the best featured Mobile VR-Headset on the market.

Launch & Grow

By having a modular/expandable design, Launch is only the beginning. Our VR-headset is future proof as new technology evolves, users will be able to choose what and when to upgrade. Support for Daydream and Cardboard out of the box, expect other platforms to emerge and our dedication to support them.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Twisted team
Anouar El Jabli
CEO & Business Relations
Kai Detmers
CTO & Lead Developer
André Berthiaume
CMO & Community Manager

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